Xining social sports instructors to participate in fun games

"dynamic ring" "happy pencil" "crazy caterpillar" "through the hula hoop" "down to earth" "pick up the soybean""…… These interesting names, are derived from the life and the creation of the name of the sports event, and the participants of these projects are the four district of Xining city social sports instructors. The morning of May 29th, 2015, Xining city social sports instructor Fun Games held nearly 300 social sports instructors in the interesting games, tenacious struggle, exciting race, show a positive spirit to the general public.

according to the Xining municipal sportsbureau quntichu director Yuan Xufeng, currently a total of Xining city social sports instructor 4600 people from various sectors and departments, to participate in the aerobics, square dance, folk dance, athletics, softball, Tai Chi and other national fitness project, it is very helpful to promote the development of the national fitness movement, but also plays a positive role in guiding the public health sciences.


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