Xining public security traffic management authorities continue to focus on special rectification goo

day, Xining city traffic police detachment according to the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau carried out the overall deployment, the fight against serious crime and remediation outstanding problems of social security special action to organize, to boost the construction of law enforcement standardization, centralized rectification Wupaiwuzheng vehicle on the road and other serious traffic violations, traffic order rectification ongoing in-depth focus section focus time, focusing on the vehicle, key drivers and key traffic violations, and achieved good results. June 5th to June 13th, a total of 24152 violations of the rectification of the detachment, which warned the number of passengers, detained 28 motor vehicles, the driver’s license to detain the 3.

June 4th, a special police brigade deployed to Huangshui light crossroads as the focus, to carry out road inspection rojer, traffic violations focus on motor wheelchairs for the disabled unauthorized assembly and modified models or add shed, non disabled driving motor wheelchairs for the disabled, fight the road to grab the line, free to turn around, Luantingluanfang, on the road do not obey the traffic police management seriously disrupt the normal running order to carry out centralized regulation. In the meantime, check passing vehicles more than 20 vehicles, criticism and education since 10, the punishment on the spot 2. In June 10th 12, a police brigade in Kunlun road and South Street seized two vehicles crossroads brand Odyssey silver car, two car license plate with green A· H6212, after verification, driving Ma Moumou holding vehicle driving license is false, after further online query found the license for the green A· H6212 car due to the presence of deck suspects, the owners have to report to the public security organs. The police confiscated immediately according to the vehicle driving Ma Moumou and related procedures.

Gan River traffic police brigade in the area recently launched on the free parking, parking lane and motor vehicle violations, focus on remediation work. By focusing on remediation, to solve the long vehicle parking, parking lane and illegal behavior, at the same time, and provide a smooth road for traffic vehicles, traffic order specification of the Gan River Industrial park.

June 7th 11 pm, Huangzhong County Traffic Police Brigade in the county hospital to implement the control of traffic intersection during the college entrance examination, found near the intersection of a parked car no grade green MITSUBISHI Pajero features suspicious, after investigation found that the car is a vehicle robbery, the original car license plate Green C· 07117, the Department of Haiyan County Propaganda Department of vehicles, vehicle the identification code: 067B014813. Currently, the vehicle has been transferred to Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade investigation.

to change Huangyuan county bus station in front of the vehicle Luantingluanfang, soliciting random phenomenon, Huangyuan County Traffic Police Brigade established a bus station police office on June 5th at the county bus station with the help of. To effectively change the bus station in front of the square, traffic chaos, and road traffic safety propaganda work at the bus station, improve the consciousness of the majority of traffic participants awareness of traffic safety and law-abiding. (author: Wei Xueliang Army)


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