Xining children’s palace dream from here

50 years ago today, here planted a seedling; 50 years later, here is a tall towering show wood; 50, a dream palace together with the city in which we live, jointing in quietly, the wind and rain to grow. She is the Xining children’s palace, a magical paradise, a sunny palace.

half a century is a long and long years, but also through the age of 50, the Xining Youth Palace is still full of vitality. Some people say, have not been to the children’s palace, there is no childhood, Xining city children’s palace over the past 50 years, with several generations of Xining people 50 years to grow, a crop of another crop in children, growing up here, they came to accept the enlightenment, experts and professors, out of the workers, out of the artist however, more people are growing as the backbone of all walks of life. In the dream of flying, harvest happiness, happy days for a gathering of generations of young people, the children’s palace has become a symbol of the people of Xining childhood.

device is the most perfect

out of school education unit

Xining children’s palace is the only one in Xining city public school education units. Founded in 1963. In 1998, the municipal government invested more than 1700 yuan, in situ expansion. From 2004 to 2005 by the Ministry of education has invested 1 million 800 thousand yuan of various equipment, and now Xining children’s palace has become the largest in Xining, the most perfect equipment of a school education institutions.

palace can accommodate more than 2000 children to carry out extracurricular activities. Has now opened more than and 60 classes of literature and art, science and technology, painting, sports, English, the door of the more than and 50 professional training courses, at present, more than 10000 years of training in more than four people. Students participating in the activities of the youngest 5 years old, the oldest of the age of 18, to participate in the activities of primary school students.

30 multiple training programs

let kids like

every Saturday, Sunday, usually quiet in the children’s palace melodious music, melodious song. The sports department set up martial arts, taekwondo, table tennis, chess and other professional children are full of vigor and vitality; the Ministry of science and technology open robot, model aircraft, sea model professional children breath. The art department opened the folk dance, ballet, Latin dance, piano, flute, erhu, pipa, guzheng, accordion, violin, piano, vocal music, painting, drawing, painting, calligraphy, children color, writing children a stunt, all;

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