Build a strong spiritual pillar of the construction of the beautiful Xining

if the city can make Xining more beautiful outside, then cultivate the practice of socialist core values will make Xining more beautiful. Xining City, the deployment of the central and provincial task to cultivate and practice the socialist core values into practice, focus on the popularization, typical, life and art of efforts to integrate the grass-roots party organizations, grass-roots political power construction, integration of urban and rural residents autonomy, into the production and life of the masses study and work, promote the socialist core values into all the people of Xining to build the people’s satisfaction with the life of the city city of happiness group consciousness and conscious action.
– focus on the integration with the team composition into the community to carry out propaganda activities, people understand the language and examples around, combining the education of situation and policy, national education, traditional revolutionary education, education, education, National Defense Education Reform Party of Qinghai, and the history of the development of Xining education, the basic theory of simple, lively and vivid and the party’s basic line, basic program and basic experience clearly, the current comprehensive deepening reform of the overall situation clearly, so that the masses from the bottom of my heart, accept the propaganda and practice of socialist core values.
– create publicity atmosphere to make full use of public advocacy, transforming carrier to diversity, stereo, the core values of public stations, airports, parks, plazas, shopping malls, residential areas, public places such as high streets and back lanes to achieve full coverage, "24 words" often appear in the people in front, engraved in the hearts of the people.
– innovative publicity to promote the socialist core values into the daily news publicity, make full use of community schools and moral lecture, invite experts and scholars to give lectures, the moral model, the good side, the virtues of youth, the most beautiful characters appeared, at the same time, popular with people the way people good speech, greatly enhance the masses of the acceptance and recognition of social core values.
the abstract, let the people be educated in the story, and gradually grow good groups, build moral city.
– individual citizens’ moral quality to enhance
– found propaganda;

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