East City Public Security Bureau cracked a major case to steal the bank passbook

8 month 28, Xining City Public Security Bureau East Branch Zhou Jiaquan police cracked a major case with the bank to steal the book, and arrested the suspects in the 1.

August 18th, Zhou Jiaquan police station received a report of individual owners, his forty-one thousand yuan deposits in the year between seven and August by others to steal several times. After receiving the report, through the survey Mopai and in the months of waiting, Zhu initially identified a major crime suspects, the police quickly attack in August 28th, in the West District of a tea, the suspect Zhu captured. After the examination, Zhu has confessed to stealing the rope a passbook, respectively with the victim’s birthday, mobile phone number and try to guess the password after the success of the facts of the crime in a number of savings, Tongren Road by Xin Ning Lu stealing deposit respectively.

at present, the suspect Zhu Guiqing has been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation.


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