City tourist satisfaction jumped twenty-fifth

July 10th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the city’s tourist satisfaction through the joint efforts of the city, the tourism market order has improved significantly, to gradually enhance the satisfaction of tourists. The two quarter, Xining city in a sample of 60 city ranked twenty-fifth, compared to the first quarter of this year 36 rose 11 ranking.

it is understood that in our city to carry out the tourists’ satisfaction in the work, the Municipal Tourism Bureau combined with the County launched the 10 special tourism market comprehensive renovation, focused on investigating fraud and other illegal behavior of travel agency business, illegal tour guides, travel shopping places, to strengthen fire safety facilities of star hotels special equipment, inspection and asked the county to strengthen food safety supervision. According to the law to crack down on scenic spots (points) strong buy sell, trailing peddling and other illegal acts. Thorough investigation of tourism practitioners qualification and tourist passenger vehicle documents, from the source to eliminate the black car operations; to crack down on the rush to pull the tourists behavior in the airport, train station, bus station and other tourist hub, the order of the tourism market and tourism environment is getting better. To further improve and expedite the tourist complaint handling mechanism, and the establishment of a network of complaints platform, increase the travel related complaints publicity efforts, the formation of the tourist complaint handling work mechanism to do good, as of the two quarter, Xining city tourism service quality complaints center received 60 complaints, of which turn 4, i.e. do the investigation and handling of 26, closing 34, tourists complaints completion rate reached 100%.

at the same time, the propaganda of "cool Xining" image and three county tourism resources in the main street in Xining City, the main source of city tourism in Xining to play, "reader" magazine published on the promotion of Xining tourism resources page edition. The establishment of the Xining City Tourist Service Center, to further expand the city’s tourism coverage. For driving and travel increased, making the ring Xining tourism circle summer driving passport, to attract more tourists to Nanjing tourism.


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