A new nine year old school in Xining

reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of education, with the focus of Xining Railway Station renovation project project in Qinghai province in full swing, the original in the twenty-ninth Middle School of Xining City train station will withdraw from the stage of history, instead of the Huangshui River is located in the north shore of Luqiao, 51 on the west side of a new school — Qilian road school, the construction area of 22300 square m the nine year after the completion of the school, can accommodate 1500 students, will greatly facilitate the school-age children around the nearest school.

it is understood that the twenty-ninth secondary school in Xining was founded in 1958, is a school for the past nine years, students can accommodate up to 614. Xining Railway Station renovation project started, which is within the scope of the transformation of the school was demolished, how to build a new school to better adapt to the city’s two phase of the adjustment of education planning? In this regard, the education sector in Xining and the surrounding schools in twenty-nine, the distribution of urban population were investigated. Considering the road west of Qilian Road, riverside road to the thirteenth Middle School of Xining City, nearly 5 km road only a 71 Road Primary School, along the way there are nearly the size of 80 residential areas, involving approximately 5000 households, a population of 15000 people, nearly 2000 of school-age children. To this end, the City Board of education and consultation in the planning department, the Huangshui River north shore, 51 West of Luqiao new 17.6 acres of land, the new Qilian road school. The project plans to set up 30 classes, including 12 classes of primary school, junior high school 18 classes, will be built a teaching building, laboratory building, comprehensive building, stacked playground and related facilities, the project plans to invest 233 million yuan.

Qilian road school has been completed siting, land pre-trial, planning approval, feasibility study preparation, geological survey, site wall structures and other preliminary formalities, in July 2012 the project commissioned by the Bureau of land acquisition and demolition construction in east area, has now completed the demolition. Design Institute is under construction plans, plans to start construction in October 2013. (author: Rong Lijun)

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