From the monthly salary of 57 yuan to a net worth of 100 migrant workers in case of a story

is a successful venture, behind is full of hardships, in the face of difficulties and hardships, only the courage to succeed. Today, Xiaobian to introduce a migrant workers earn million net worth of stories, from a monthly salary of 57 yuan to a net worth of 1 million, how he was successful? Let’s take a look at Chen Yanhua’s entrepreneurial story!

20, a migrant workers from the printing binder, a monthly salary of 57 yuan dry, until the net worth of 1 million hair salon owner, not all investment mistakes once again, from nothing to millions of assets building materials industry star. Yesterday, Wuchang Liangdao Street offices for he will be declared as "outstanding migrant workers".

The 42 year old Chen Yanhua

back to the starting point


2010 years, he took the form of shares, to raise the cost of a set of open shop. That year, just the beginning of the construction of the construction market, he quickly signed up. It is reported that now his suit store business has been on track, assets reached 1 million.


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