Howard overpass Spring Festival run

is located in the Yangtze River Road, Howard pedestrian bridge is one of the most important projects of smooth traffic project in Xining City, the bridge on the evening of January 10th began lifting, has completed the main lifting, is expected to put into operation before the spring festival.

Howard Changjiang Road Pedestrian Bridge is located in the Yangtze River Road Howard in front of the building, across the Yangtze River Road, located in the bustling commercial district, traffic flow and large flow of people. At the same time, due to the distance between the three traffic lights in this section is too short, the South Gate Street, Kunlun bridge cross and cross the direction of the west gate of the vehicle flow greater impact, easy to cause traffic jams. According to estimates, the intersection of more than ten thousand people per day traffic, although the traffic lights set up at the crosswalk, but the pedestrian red light phenomenon is obvious, prominent contradiction between people and vehicles, there is a big security risk. The construction of the main bridge is 81.256 meters long, bridge width of 4.5 meters.

In addition to the

ward footbridge, located at 54 West Road in front of the department store, Thailand Xishan lane and 51 junction flyover at present are also paying close attention to the construction, because these lots of traffic flow and the larger flow of people, traffic signal lamp, easy to cause the section and crossing vehicles serious congestion, pedestrians greater security risks. After the construction of the bridge in the protection of pedestrian safety at the same time, can give full play to the highway traffic efficiency. (author: Liu Peng)

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