North of the city to promote the construction of new urban construction management mechanism

north area to meticulous planning and construction management services as the starting point, innovative working mechanism, to further consolidate the "establishment" and "model" and "creative city" work, and strive to build a fine block, speeding up the main street building lighting pace, constantly improve the urban landscape, city construction management has made new progress.
a mechanism innovation as the core, city management presents three highlights". First, the role of digital urban management more prominent. Give full play to the city’s first digital urban management monitoring platform based on the role, this year invested 800 thousand yuan, the new GPS digital sanitation monitoring system, recently completed and put into use, will further enrich and expand the monitoring platform of digital urban management functions, effectively expand the city management monitoring coverage, reduce management area, more efficient city management. Two is to further strengthen the supervision and inspection mechanism. Urban management system to further improve and perfect the work of the joint meeting, regularly held a joint meeting of city construction management, study and solve the difficulties and problems existing in the management of city construction, and gradually formed a management and law enforcement, combined with benign mechanism to promote, the city built tube is more targeted and effective. Three is to strengthen supervision. According to "Wei Jian", "model" and "creative city", all-round, multi-channel to increase the environmental sanitation and the "front three" accountability propaganda, improve the public’s sense of responsibility and environmental awareness, establish Xining is my master consciousness, fully mobilize the masses to participate in the the construction and management of city. This year, the use of large festivals, celebrations and across the street, Chaoyang Square and other crowded places to carry out "a city", "year", "health" and "food safety", "No Tobacco Day" campaign theme 12 times, more than 230 pieces of panels, banners, posters and more than 740 a, issuing more than 25000 copies of leaflets.
two, to implement fine management as the starting point, and comprehensively promote the construction and management of "three modernization" city. First, the realization of grid management. The city management as an integral part of the social management innovation, to the town (street) as the foundation, the area will be divided into small bridges, Mafang, Chaoyang, Baoziwan, twenty shop 5 grid, each grid is specifically responsible for the administrative region of city management and law enforcement departments of the squadron, in order to realize the grid set of people, to people at grid city management system of job responsibility, more refined, more fine. Two city management is more institutionalized. Further refinement of the city construction management work, specific job responsibilities, detailed work standards, quantitative assessment objectives, perfect the supervision system, standardize law enforcement process, to build an effective carrier for promoting the fine management. Three law enforcement procedures more standardized. City management department from establish rules and regulations, law enforcement standards and other aspects of handling quality, implementation process, monitoring system, evaluation and disposal aspects made detailed provisions, objectives and requirements of the refinement, make the law enforcement procedure and process according to the rules, law enforcement procedures, standardize law enforcement process more humane, more reasonable results of law enforcement. The first half of the year, were registered since 2, closing 2, completion rate of 100%, no injustice, no violation of procedure and the backlog of cases;

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