For the tangible things in 2012 Xining key projects across the Nanchuan river through a comprehensiv

The morning of December 29th, Xining City, three pedestrian bridges cross the Nanchuan river through a comprehensive. Vice governor Gao Yunlong and Xining leaders and representatives of the public to participate in the opening ceremony held in the central plaza.

it is understood that the Nanchuan river is a major tributary of the Huangshui River, the ecological environment of Xining basin groundwater recharge and adjustment plays a vital role. But with the development of Xining City, the existing bridge spacing is too large, Nanchuan River functional area of poor contact or pedestrians to bring no small trouble. Therefore, three pedestrian bridges cross the Nanchuan River project in Xining city in 2012 was listed as "one of the tangible things project. Three pedestrian bridge is located between the 54 Main Street and the bridge between the two sides of the main channel, including the Kirin Bay Park, Central Plaza, West Gate Stadium and other public places, including 61. No. 1 pedestrian bridge is a total length of 41 meters, 8 meters wide bridge arch bridge; 2 foot bridge a total length of 85 meters, the bridge body is "X" shaped bridge, the width 7 meters, on both sides of the beam width of bifurcation is 3.5 meters, and is equipped with accessibility for disabled access ramps, 3; No. the pedestrian bridge is two span continuous steel box bridge, bridge length of 66.06 meters, 6 meters wide bridge.


started construction in September this year, Xining City Construction & Development Co. Ltd. all participating units up and down together, overcome starts late and short period of task and many other difficulties, after just 4 months of hard fighting, three pedestrian bridges have reached traffic conditions. The completion of the project will greatly facilitate the pedestrian traffic on both sides of the Nanchuan River, and at the same time pedestrian bridge has been built around coordinated evacuation, the Nanchuan River connecting the two sides more closely, increase the riverfront and riverside park landscape, to further enhance the traffic function of leisure on both sides of the river. (author: Xiao Ling Hai Ling)


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