Don’t throw rubbish on the ground we promote the hundred days of action in the north area of Xining

recently, Chengbei District launched a comprehensive "trash on the ground, we remediation normalization activities in the" city, launched six major initiatives to help the city environment, comprehensive governance in key areas and weak links, the effect is significant, and comprehensively improve the city management standardization, refinement and constant effect, for efforts to promote the "Five" with the work, Xining City provincial health city inspection work lay a solid foundation to further enhance public satisfaction.

Qi mobilized to set off a new wave of action

insists that as the starting point to strengthen the base construction, the propaganda work extends to the grassroots, for the introduction of distinctive theme, rich connotation of the promotional activities, improve the people of the hundred days of action awareness, support and participation rates, the formation of "atmosphere of the people involved in environmental remediation, to build beautiful homes". North District carefully prepared "to the general public area issued a letter", "to the Chaoyang logistics park a letter" and "don’t throw rubbish on the ground, we are in action" proposal and other promotional materials more than 3 copies, and the town (street) and village (community) three linkage, launched various agencies, the school, "home village" party, unit cadres, the base construction contact point of Party members, village (community) staff of more than 1000 people into the community, into the shops, into the enterprise, into the school publicity, guide the public, businesses along the street, cadres consciously safeguard the environment of the city, to participate in city management. Make known to every family, All the world knows.

three experience full boost nine action

in order to give full play to the leading and exemplary role of grassroots organizations, 24 county-level cadres set an example, lead the district towns (street), and street community residents took to the streets, in order to carry out the "trash on the ground, we are in action as the theme," when a sanitation worker, when a sanitation propagandist, when a sanitation supervisor "for the content of the" three experience "activities. We based on the city rectification line, actively participate in cleaning up the garbage along the street, picking up cigarette butts, scrub the guardrail, publicity card, with practical action to practice the civilization, advocate civilization, defend civilization, for the comprehensive improvement of the urban environment hundred days of action "and the city exit traffic along the line to contribute to environmental remediation. The activities of brochures, garbage bags more than 1000 sets, 89 people to discourage uncivilized behavior, indiscriminate posting, graffiti writing more than 300, up 51, operating outside the shop Jeeves 34, stalls set up 34, 6 tons of garbage to clean up all kinds of.

flat internal potential

Since the

days of action to carry out, the north area of city administrative law enforcement bureau with the purpose of serving the people, from the strengthening of grassroots organizations of changing ideas, adjust the internal management mode, the integration of existing sanitation resources, sanitation vehicle management authority before the change from the original single management for flat management, front-line inspectors. According to the weather, garbage;

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