Treat customers also need to pay attention to the strategy

how to treat customers, many shopkeepers because they can not grasp the relevant strategies, resulting in the loss of customers, the development of the store business has a very negative impact. In fact, if you want to shop business is more popular, when dealing with customers naturally need to pay attention to strategy, so as to ensure the long-term operation of the store.

is a familiar customer, have to buy things in my friend Xiao Zhu’s store owed 6 yuan. Although not much money, but for a long time in the past but has not yet, although also to 3Run shopping, but he is not to return the 6 yuan. Not long ago, when he again to 3Run store consumer, before being rude clerk due to buckle down. However, since the customer account was detained, he was very angry, then it is no longer to visit Xiao Zhu shop.

My friend

, Shandong dragon king boss also said that retail customers of such a thing: "last winter, a small village in the overcoat of youth while I do not pay attention, he put a box of" bab "bubblegum chuaijin a coat pocket, I saw no consideration, came from his pocket to bubble gum to pull out, the boy is very embarrassing to go, never to my shop, I lost the customer."

familiar with the customer should not pilfering; repay debts, is as unalterable principles.

but I think: as a clerk or the owner, we are familiar with customers or treat debts of the shoplifters, must pay attention to propriety, pay attention to strategy! Give a fitting reminder of debts, debts also let shoplifters keep a sincerely convinced; on the face, give a step, give him a chance to start with a clean slate.

if the method is not handled properly, it is very likely to allow customers to feel uncomfortable, and then offend the customer and lost the source, the ultimate loss of our own. To remind owners, whether in time or treat pilfering please the issue, we should pay attention to treatment, and not to hurt, it is important to pay attention to the strategy really!

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