Recently a number of companies to Changchun – power

we all know that summer is the peak period, many people will overhaul the grid in the city before the arrival of summer, too, in April 10th in Jilin City, the freedom of the road on both sides, in both sides of the street, north of Pudong Road, Yangpu avenue west part of the area planned outage.

blackout area: Jilin City, Changchun [two road] on both sides of the main road, Century Avenue on both sides, north of Pudong Road, part of the west part of Yangpu street.

Changchun Pepsi Beverage Co., Ltd., Jilin Zhongfu container Changchun Zhengda Industrial Co. Ltd. premix plant, Valeo compressor (Changchun) Co. Ltd., Shanghai Zijiang enterprise group Limited by Share Ltd Changchun branch, Changchun Hongguang rubber products company limited, Jilin Province garment corporation, Jilin tobacco industry limited liability company, Coca-Cola (Jilin) beverage Co., Changchun Hongguang rubber products Co., Ltd., Changchun Rowland electrical Changchun coal geological exploration team, Jilin Province, Weiyuan Building Materials Company Limited, Changchun eternal city science and Technology Development Co., Changchun VOM city science and Technology Development Co., Changchun city into Czech car sales Services Limited, Changchun city boasts a.fine Automotive Electronics Co. Ltd., Jilin Province, the new emperor Clothing Co., China oil Free gas filling station.

The above is about the Jilin

power outage, hoping to bring more help to you are living in Jilin, summer for factories, electricity will naturally become large, nine Jiao Lu livestock South Zhongqiu Building North Road on both sides of the user station of Jilin residents Changchun [nine] region, including animal husbandry station, nine suburban branch of agricultural firms.

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