Reasonable use of the counter four principles

reasonable use of the counter, the store is to enhance the performance of a very important role. So, now many retail store owners will be very focused on the reasonable layout of the counter. In recent years, many retailers receive a cigarette cigarette counter, counter to the customer terminal image promotion plays a key role, but little to the rational use of the counter, many customers have the same question: "I sell so many brands, this counter also put it down?" The following is the author of the four principles:

is not high not low, not tight not open".

is not high refers to the high-end brand of cigarettes is not recommended to be placed in the counter, the customer should set up in the back cabinet on the display of high-grade cigarettes vivid display, to attract consumers feel respected treatment.

"low" refers to the low class often do not recommend opium placed in the counter, this kind of cigarette sales of fixed consumer groups do not have too much publicity, can be listed display shelves in the new.

"tight" refers to the counter within the cigarette display distance not too tight, different specifications shall be put in a certain gap, so that consumers can clearly distinguish the cigarette package appearance, does not appear vision "odor".

"do not open" refers to the use of the counter as far as possible the use of empty cigarette box display, to avoid the regular switch drawer, extend the life of the counter.

counter if you can get a reasonable use, I believe that the development of the store business has a very good role. Therefore, almost any one owner will pay great attention to the rational use of the counter. So, with the above mentioned skills, if you are a shopkeeper, you know how to use the counter?

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