After graduating from college letinous edodes annual output value of 10 million yuan

letinous edodes is loved by most people’s food, in order to help more people out of poverty in the village, Li Zhengsen students in the university after graduation resolutely decided to return home, with their own efforts to help more people out of poverty……

1986 was born in Li Zhengsen grew up in the countryside, kind-hearted, helpful, the village of old man carrying water firewood difficult, he always take the initiative to run to help. Whenever I hear people talk about what the poor villagers no money to see a doctor, he fancied himself when the boss, let those poor neighbors, all in their own company to make money.

2009, Li Zhengsen graduated from Anhui Construction Industry Institute, found a construction work in the county. Due to the professional counterparts, coupled with hard work, the courage to work, the company manager is very fond of. One day, Li Zhengsen back home to visit his parents and Village town house, a 15 year old boy sitting in the same car, the child’s learning achievement is very good, but because of his disability poverty at home, has not admitted to focus on high school. This again stimulate that childhood dream of Li Zhengsen: business and set up factories, led the villagers to get rich together!

2009 autumn, the local government to encourage college students to start their own businesses, the introduction of the village chicken farming enterprises. In the construction company to work only two months Li Zhengsen quit his job, confidently made chicken farming, lease, loan, built shed, he put some neighboring elderly and disabled friends invited to work, even their parents also pulled in to help management. He did not expect that the 4000 chicks first purchase on the road on the hot half dead, wait to sell finished chicken, the acquisition manager said only 2000 breeding scale is too small, there will be a corresponding labor cost is too high, can not earn money is bound to lose money. 6000 chicks second repurchase finally raised market broiler prices fell, when he got a chicken at the empty chicken shed tears Shua, DC, lost about 200000 yuan, he did not sleep for three days and nights. Fourth days of strong support to pay the wages of the villagers, the villagers know he lost, let him first bank loan again, but he insisted on paying the wages of the villagers. A passion to Li Zhengsen first venture will be extinguished.

2010 at the end of the town government in the small town of support, Li Zhengsen recommended in gold

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