City University students to create entrepreneurship workshop

is now all over the country are actively promoting the students students entrepreneurial activity, and also introduced a number of measures to help college students to complete the dream of entrepreneurship, in the area of Qingdao has set up a number of business incubators.

"Shibei District incubation base, some scattered, since this year, has integrated the business incubator 6, the average annual base above 250 college students who settled in business." Shibei District People Club bureau responsible person, the city set up 20 million yuan of public funds 10 million yuan of business development and talent development funds will support college students as one of the key. The first half of the year, the audit 1037 people 5 million 174 thousand yuan venture subsidies, an increase of 21%; the employer’s employment difficulties, social security subsidies subsidies 3235 post audit (time), an increase of 20%; accept small loans 63 million 260 thousand yuan, accounting for 26% of the city.

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