Granny’s business model is not easy to imitate

for business beginners, find a successful business model to follow entrepreneurship is the direct way, but in the process of pure imitation may encounter a variety of problems, resulting in failure is not possible, grandma is a very good example.

two days before a queuing hard restaurant closed. This restaurant is the new Sichuan, to open a store in community in Xiamen. Since the store lowered the price to the original 30 percent off (at the same time to buy), the store guests more up, and almost every day in line.

but then grandma in Hangzhou there have been dozens of stores.

the impression of the grandmother is this:

1, the brand is very strong: shop more, good location, decoration fashion, brand strength;

2, store location good: the general election in the main shopping malls in the first position.

note: grandma in Hangzhou will be in the office and a large area near the parking lot of the street shop shop.

3, the decoration is very fashionable: bar wind, nightclub wind, factory wind, all kinds of fashion decoration;

4, the price is very high: cheaper than the school canteen;

5, the queue is very serious: there is no row for half an hour is not a meal;

1, the rent is cheap: shopping malls in order to diversion, with a very low rent to the grandmother;

2, a particularly high over Taiwan: Taiwan 6-8 days is normal; < / recommendation

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