Anhui, Fuyang, more than entrepreneurs to witness the return of entrepreneurial venture

China has a large number of migrant workers, resulting in the lack of public service innovation in many labor export areas. Fuyang launched a number of entrepreneurial policies to encourage home business, and recognition of a number of entrepreneurial star, with the example of the strength of the entrepreneurial opportunity to return home entrepreneurship.

can be more than 400 kinds of Vegetable & Fruit city in 1 hours door-to-door distribution of "Aaron brother" Zhang Long, the small gear sales to more than and 20 countries and regions "Fisherman" Ma Jun, transfer more than 1 thousand and 800 acres of land turning back onto the road of development of modern agriculture "80" Liu Dawei…… These star studded Anhui Fuyang entrepreneurs have a common identity: migrant workers.

3 years ago, Fuyang KANGLONG Yingzhou district general manager of agricultural science and technology limited company Ouyang Jian or Shanghai famous fashion stylist, has 9 hairdressing chain stores, the annual income of nearly one million yuan. "It may be sentimentally attached to homeland also heard that the government is encouraging, home business, 2012, I am the heart to salons sell shares, return to hometown." Ouyang Jian said, at that time, there are a lot of people say that I am a fool, crazy, do a few days will be back to Shanghai".

2013, he invested about 800000 yuan, more than and 200 acres of cultivated chrysanthemum; in 2014, planting area expanded to 500 acres, invested nearly 2 million yuan to build an area of 4 acres of dried chrysanthemum plant; in 2015, planting area of nearly 800 acres, sales amounted to 8 million yuan. Seeing the size of the day by day, Ouyang Jian began to plan the next step: I applied the ‘chrysanthemum margin’ trademark, after obtaining the production license, will be able to produce high-end chrysanthemum tea, a pound can sell a few hundred dollars!"


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