Do business needs to do a good job in the exhibition

display to be important, different owners will have different views, but if you as a shopkeeper, had this experience, believe that we can know the importance of display for store sales. In fact, the location of the store determines the success or failure of your business gains and losses, the location of the goods to determine the pros and cons of your sales. No goods can not be sold, just to see you are not in place to display the temptation. In fact, in a prominent position display of goods sold will be relatively fast, but also can be said to be what it is you on what to sell, or why manufacturers will provide display fees for their goods to do promotional display?

actually, the display is also a kind of invisible advertising.

a few years ago, I do not have a sense of display, which is due to small stores, shelves less, but also the conservative character of his father. Because before my staff is not enough, and the father always afraid of being advanced in age, steal my stuff, so the smoke cabinet placed in a corner stores the most remote, drink only when others have mentioned from the beverage box out.

later, the store came up with a rookie – that was me. At first, my father did not agree to change the display, I said it is a market economy, not a planned economy, my business idea is to let the goods were stolen and never let the product expired moldy. By supporting friends persuade, work out of difficulties, I will move to the central government from the corner shop cigarette. This "action" is due to several customers have to purchase cigarettes in response, they can’t see what my tobacco variety, then through one asked to buy a smoke exchange about their favorite, and therefore waste the customer and the owner of the lot of tongue as I. Customer "admonition", let me make a determination to re display.

my main business by wholesale, beverage annual sales in thousand box above, are all on the FCL wholesale to the whole country store, beverage profit was only 1 yuan, and must also provide free door-to-door service. And rely on retail drinks every year to sell less than 5 boxes, and some drinks have also been sold over the retention period.

since March this year, I put the beverage shelves and placed in the most prominent position in front of the door, every day I drink retail sales of 3 to 7 bottles. See how well the display of this course is Guan Jian.

shop opened at the beginning, my business is not as good as the next left, I will move out of the door after the sale of goods, there is a major shift. With the replacement of old and new, old left son left home after he took over the shop, will be moved out of the commodity house, business has become more and more prosperous.

display in the end there is no effect, the product sales in fact, the most able to respond to everything, but also the most convincing. On display, I appreciate the most is my white washing powder sold since the flourishing, Liby hide, I >

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