The store wants to win back the whole – what do the service

if you want to let the store has more repeat customers, this is not shouting slogans, but also we need to comply with the relevant matters in the actual business process. For the retail industry, service is an eternal topic. Only to provide customers with quality services, in order to win the customer’s patronage, but also to allow customers to remember forever, and then become a repeat shop. For the vast number of consumers, who has good service attitude, who is of high quality of service, who is willing to go shopping, and then from one to two times, from the two to countless times. You know, retail customers have a repeat customer, is the possession of wealth.

"Hongtai discount" is a shopping center in Yima City, the largest, it has stores in the surrounding areas. According to the shop responsible person said, they repeat the shopping center reached about 50%, usually into the store consumption of new customers will gradually become repeat customers, and they rely on is excellent service to achieve this goal. According to the relevant person in charge of the customer service department, they are very focused on six aspects of daily management:

of all customers alike that consumers into the store, whether rich or poor, rank, they are fair and equal to. "When customers are treated equally, they feel that our business is fair and reasonable, and more like to come here to spend".

does not allow customers to regret: in the daily operation, the store is constantly checking and reviewing their own problems and deficiencies, and often conduct public opinion polls to see if the customer is satisfied? Do you have any regrets about shopping here? Wait。 Through continuous reflection and inspection, improve service, improve service quality, so that more customers are willing to come again.

respect the customer: "every customer is an independent individual, have independent personality, all want to be respected. In business, we often educate employees should pay attention to respect the customer speech and deportment. No matter what the situation, we must maintain a civilized etiquette, not with the customer friction and conflict, as far as possible to make a good impression on the customer, so that customers would like to shop again".

moment for the sake of customers: the store every month to organize staff to carry out a transposition thinking activities, so that employees stand in the customer’s point of view to think about the problem and try to find a solution. As of customer satisfaction with the products and service of opinions and suggestions, and in terms of price affordability, focus on these problems to grasp and understand their psychological activities, and the service done more in place, more satisfied customers.

honest hospitality: "customers are the most intelligent, the most fair. As long as a time when they are in your shop, day after withdrawal from, and at the same time he will tell others of the things being such a pass ten, ten pass 100, your shop reputation will stink. The result will be

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