Haicang District, how to promote the transformation and upgrading of high-end industry

in the process of economic development, when the economy develops to a certain stage, it is bound to encounter a lot of bottlenecks. Recently, the party secretary Pei Jinjia, acting mayor Han to Haicang District research. Pei Jinjia stressed that the industry is a fundamental support for urban development, Haicang District to identify the direction of industrial development, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading to high-end, promote advanced manufacturing quality and efficiency, the rapid development of modern service industry.

Pei Jinjia inspected the line of Maluan Bay Development and construction of the metro; then arrived in force pharmaceutical products company, visit the business platform and product display, to understand the development of chemical drug innovation platform operation and company information; then went to the Haicang Industrial Park, at the project site, and listen to the work report of Haicang district.

Pei Jinjia Haicang District Economic and social development of the overall situation affirmed. He said, Haicang District to upgrade the effectiveness significantly, the rapid development of new industries; development of land protection effectively, a number of industrial projects successfully landing; continue to improve the city function quality, continuously improve the urban landscape; the cadres as the initiative to show a good mental outlook.

for the future development of Haicang District, Pei Jinjia pointed out that Haicang District to focus on the city’s central task. Maluan Bay Development and construction of the metro is the city to accelerate the development of major strategic initiatives across the island, we should conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping was in Xiamen to the "four combination" spirit of the important instructions, in all aspects of planning, construction, and other facilities adhere to the "four high" standards, shaped into a new urban development pole.

should focus on improving the traffic facilities environment, promote the Metro Line 2, line 4, tunnel, highway transportation system put into use as soon as possible. September next year, the ninth meeting of the leaders of the BRIC countries will be held in Xiamen, which is the top priority of the city’s work, but also a new starting point for Xiamen to enhance the level of internationalization. To seize the opportunity to accelerate the construction of Fujian Free Trade Zone pilot area of Xiamen, to strengthen the district environmental remediation, deepen the creation of urban civilization, enhance the level of urban management, and effectively show the beautiful city of civilization.

development is always the top priority, the core of development in the industry." Pei Jinjia said that the rapid development of Haicang City, mainly due to industry support. To identify the direction of industrial development, expand the space for development, the promotion of bio pharmaceutical and other advanced manufacturing quality and efficiency, encourage capital expansion of existing enterprises, actively promoting market-oriented local application of new technologies and products. Haicang now has the conditions for the development of modern service industry, it is necessary to vigorously develop the port industry, tourism, and promote the integration of industrial and residential areas, to achieve one plus one is greater than two".

to further enhance the level of public services, and strive to meet the needs of enterprise staff accommodation, medical treatment, children’s education, etc.

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