How about steak Misuoxi

this is a very interesting steak chain stores, you will be able to feel the light from the name of the restaurant vitality, it is Misuoxi steak.

MISOXI is a pro Misuoxi steak, coffee, music diffuse lifestyle people leisure restaurant, Oriental romantic environment and recover the original simplicity of Western lifestyle fusion, in the complicated and impetuous society talent shows itself in the activity, hand-made the delicacy, on-site production of beverage, friendly price, become the modern people yearning for dining, the party, leisure places.


brand: Misuoxi from 7 basic notes " 1, 2, 3 meters duo Lai, 4, 5, 6 sliding cable, 7 " in the West; " 357 Misuoxi ", on behalf of our restaurant theme: music, art. Dark meaning " music coffee " imagination, give the whole body relax, comfortable kind of feeling. The speaker listener sweet, smooth and natural.

How about

Misuoxi steak? What conditions need to meet? See the following details:

Ltd., Misuoxi steak

The development and expansion of the

food brand needs to have the backing of the enterprise strength and the continuous technical support. Misuoxi brand control center is a trustworthy enterprise. One of the Misuoxi steak is its worth investing in food and beverage brands.

Misuoxi steak is Misuoxi brand control center’s catering brand, is also a popular project. Misuoxi brand management center is a research and development, training, Direct stores and chain operations as one of the large-scale catering enterprises group.

The center of Misuoxi brand control

company has Misuoxi steak group headquarters management center, brand center, R & D center, business center, marketing center, training center, operations center, production center, logistics center nine center system, 20 core departments, covering the project development, brand packaging, marketing planning, direct store business, investment chain, training and guidance, operational support, production and processing, logistics and distribution in the restaurant as the core of the industrial chain.

Since the formation of

group, has always been to promote China diet culture, long-term commitment to small and medium-sized catering project chain operators in the field, with the restaurant chain required in the field of strategic vision, rich experience and strong market leading creative projects. Misuoxi steak is a successful catering franchise is one of the projects.

we will create a new culture, a new value of the catering industry "for the mission, in the traditional diet culture based on the broad and profound respect, constantly explore new, great value of mining projects catering undervalued, produce more food items > soul

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