How to select the air purifier products

fog and haze weather so many people feel panic, normal breathing is simply difficult to do, so, air purifier products began selling in the market up. In short, the haze weather has become a major problem, promote air purification equipment sales, many would like to venture investors have seen the opportunities, but do you know how to choose the air purifier? Let’s start with one or two.

first, consumers in the purchase of the purifier, it is best to choose cleaner production has a long history of more manufacturers, many domestic manufacturers experience any cleaner almost never produce cleaner, but from the beginning of last year, the herd is prone to uneven in quality phenomenon, like the American love blue air purifier, more than and 10 years ago in the field of air purification. The whole production line has many patent technology.

especially its unique high efficiency particulate filter technology, is currently on the market the most authoritative filtering technology, the indoor air purifying filter can remove indoor as small as 0.3 micron air pollutants and allergens, especially its star product "Prada" also has a needle anti allergic to pollen and pet dander technology the utility model is especially suitable for the elderly and children of the family.

second, careful consumers can be better than three, try to choose those military grade air purifier, indoor air purification and the reason is very simple, the military standard is usually much higher than civilian, it requires the product can operate effectively in various harsh environments, no half careless. Although a variety of colorful products on the market now, but really dare to belong to military goods marked purifier level does not exceed two, the love is blue belongs to one of a purifier, and over the years has been the standard configuration of the United States Department of defense "The Pentagon".

finally, buy air purifiers can also observe the effect of silence. A cleaner mute effect is determined by its micro motor, it also poses a cleaner production cost, these hidden costs consumers are unlikely to know, but if the micro motor manufacturers are willing to pay the cost, the quality of its products and is usually put heart.

now the air pollution so that countless people have no fear, we can not abandon our home to leave the place of life, so the air purifier began to be sought after by people. Just an air purifier products prices are not cheap, if because of improper selection, not only caused a loss of money, but also because of the trust causes the body to be haze purifier hurt, really is The loss outweighs the gain. So, want to choose the right air purifier, naturally also need to make the right choice.

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