Four links to help you experience the entrepreneurial process

a lot of entrepreneurs worry about no business experience, difficult to deal with the many problems encountered in the entrepreneurial process, through the four practice before the start, I believe you can experience business hard, understand entrepreneurship is not easy.

1. to put a stall, worked for a period of time, not two days fishing nets drying for three days, if you do, please don’t say these two words of entrepreneurship. This method not only allows you to experience how difficult it is to make money, but also allows you to experience the multi-faceted, so that you learn to endure the word, so that you experience in the hot sun under the bitter, in the cold shrink experience.

2. experienced pain, to exercise interpersonal relationship, then you have to do the salesman, not easy, do not run away, but also others, to the mouth of the time, otherwise there will be no achievement. This will make your skin a little thicker, and make your mouth a little bit more spiritual.

3. well, experienced so much, also earned a little money, so now what to do? Yes, money, money, your hard earned money to spend wisely, this money is not easy, you need to buy the cheapest things, but also to buy the best things, this is not only to test your vision, but also to test your insight into the market, this is not simple as for, what to buy, this can be said, because it is closely linked with the fourth links.

4. sold to buy something, but you sell this study achievement examination exercise, you can sell the retail shopping, but also to make money, this is not easy, but also a test of your patience, because the one thing you must sell is not left, if you can not sell it to you. The eye can have a problem.



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