2015 entrepreneurs who know these projects who do who make money

now a lot of entrepreneurial projects, if you want to start a business, you must keep your eyes open, to find a way to cash items. What do you do in 2015? Are you still thinking about it? We all want to find a low risk, make money fast business, the following items are very rich.

2015 venture project recommended: fruit shop

fruit fresh enough, not only to sell well, are also placed skills. Chiang said, yellow, orange, red orange fruit is more likely to attract attention, so he will pay special attention on seasonal fruits of mango, banana, litchi, peach and other placed in the striking position.

2015 venture project recommended: Handmade yogurt bar

yogurt is a handmade yogurt as the theme of the concept of products, product line of yogurt, drinks, desserts, baked baking compound creative store! Taking the manual quality as the real characteristic, adopt the business model which is now being sold, and integrate the traditional method of dairy products into the modern store culture, and create the fast nutritious yogurt culture! Do now sell, fast production, refused to add, healthy nutrition! The number of active bacteria in the yogurt shop up to 20 billion, so that customers really feel the freshness of intestinal bacteria!   standard shop 30 square meters as an example, the basic investment of about 50 thousand yuan.

2015 venture project recommendation: color consultant

This is a group of

2015 venture project recommended: dumplings hall

At present, the market has

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