China Wing innovation youth entrepreneurship contest semi-finals in Shijiazhuang

now the whole society is to encourage entrepreneurship, at the same time, in the country also organize some entrepreneurship competition constantly, organized by some entrepreneurship contest so also attracted many enthusiastic entrepreneurs entrepreneurs eyeball, led to the development of local social and political economy.

7 21, "China Chong wing" youth entrepreneurship innovation contest North Division semi-finals in Shijiazhuang starting from Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Hebei and other provinces and cities, a total of 40 entrepreneurial projects in Shijiazhuang, the 7 places into the semi-finals of the competition.

to start the ceremony, the organizing committee member, deputy secretary general, Chinese Song Qingling foundation China youth entrepreneurship project office director Zhong Guoyong, deputy director of Hebei provincial talent exchange service center in Hebei Province, the organizing committee secretary general Pang Guangzhen speech. "China Chong wing" (2015) youth entrepreneurship innovation contest charity ambassador Wu Chun, Hebei Provincial Department of human resources and social security planning director of finance Zhang Zongchang, star Han Yang Zansong capital power, 5 common touch screen launch ceremony.

"China Chong wing" youth entrepreneurship and innovation competition of human resources and social security department, Chinese Song Qingling foundation co sponsored the event, designed to play charity advantage and role of government departments, to stimulate young entrepreneurial enthusiasm, support youth entrepreneurship practice, establishing the mechanism of continuous service youth entrepreneurship and innovation.

the tournament team group and enterprise group of two groups, a total of 40 entrepreneurial project participants, including new energy dynamic natural charging technology and industrialization, love to play, first-aid cloud platform, West Orange three-dimensional intelligent decoration design system, fast induction training factory, Ireland clinic, electronic eyes, bamboo blind the dragonfly (multi rotor plant protection technology, deep well rescue) for industrial, pocket campus, media and other nuts. Among them, there are 16 entrepreneurial projects from Hebei, the largest number.

to enter the semi-finals after the semi-finals of the venture, the organizing committee will give each team and the enterprise 100 thousand yuan bonus. At the same time, the organizing committee has contacted Hong Thai fund, star Han capital, a potential capital of more than ten of venture capital institutions, is expected to lead the competition into venture capital of more than 100 million yuan. On the part of outstanding projects, the organizing committee will be the introduction of all the chips and other commercial cooperation, to help the project landing. In addition, the Organizing Committee of Hebei Province in order to encourage and support outstanding projects in Hebei Province, will be selected before the Hebei division of the top three, respectively, to give bonus support.

In fact, some

held throughout the entrepreneurship contest the purpose of this is to encourage more entrepreneurs can be a positive action, in the whole society a lot of business, at the same time provide recommendation

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