As a center of the start-up companies are rising

in today’s entrepreneurial team, more and more women involved in it. For women as the center of start-up companies, 2014 will be a turning point. A growing number of venture capitalists are beginning to realize the importance of women’s markets and are more friendly to women entrepreneurs, and there will be more women joining the ranks.

VC capital support entrepreneurs accounted for only 10% of women. However, women control much of the spending on consumer goods, with more than 50% women in the United States and more men than women. However, the establishment of a female start-up companies lack of this situation is about to reverse, the creation of women and women’s market for the start-up companies showing signs of prosperity.

LearnVest, BeachMint, BirchBox and other companies led the boom, which should be attributed to the two major trends. First, venture capitalists have come to realize the scale and strength of women’s products. Second, inspired by VC’s changing attitude towards women, more and more women are choosing to start their own business. Therefore, for women as the center of the start-up companies, 2012 will be a turning point, from the lack of investment in women into a female centric enterprises become the focus of venture capital.

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