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food and beverage investment franchisee, you are still in the election for what project and distress? Is the choice of Western food? Steak? Hotpot? Or? Xiao Bian recommended that you can choose fast food, as long as you dare to think there is nothing impossible, why? Look at the following data analysis you know.

in nearly three trillion of the catering market, fast food market accounted for nearly half of the country, Chinese Cuisine Association estimates in 2014 showed that as of now, the fast food market occupy the size of the entire Chinese catering industry 40%, about 111 million 440 thousand. There is such a survey, among respondents, 29.3% of people in the past month did not eat fast food. 8.3% of people can not remember a few times to eat fast food, eating fast food in the average number of people per person in a month to eat a snack of 9.06 times, up to a maximum of 90 times, a minimum of 1 times. So fast food market, then join Wallace earn money?

join Wallace earn money

and other fast food brands, Wallace has its own characteristics:

Wallace: the broader consumer groups joined the chain to three advantages and market, the first advantage is the mass consumer business, hamburgers, fried chicken, French fries and other delicious products, and the quality of both fashion and cultural leader, won the majority of consumers. Wallace investment in Western food, do not worry about the source of business throughout the year hot!

product prices lower: Wallace 3-8 yuan, the price is lower than the general western fast food restaurants, but the quality of first-class, delicious and healthy everyone love. The customer eats the Shuang, the boss earns explodes! Joins in, rich life!

low cost of cooperation: Wallace joined the advantages of more investment in it, you get not only the right to use the trademark of Wallace, as well as the various support. Million yuan start, a variety of shop type optional, successful mode replication, allowing you to quickly when the boss!

Because Wallace is taking the

stock cooperative mode, Wallace employees can enjoy the investment opportunities, each store shares basically are the shares of employees synthesis, based on individual circumstances, the implementation of mobile investment, store a total investment amount is 30-50 million yuan (including equipment, kitchen equipment, tables and chairs, store decoration the transfer fee and rent, the first batch of raw materials, etc.). For example, to open a shop to 300 thousand yuan, you accounted for a total investment of 20% of the shares is about $60 thousand, accounting for about 30% of the shares of investment, and so on, and so on. Operating margin of 40%-50%, net profit was 15%-25%, the average daily turnover of $3000-6000. Employee turnover = net profit – salary (about 10) – the cost of raw materials – rent utilities etc.. Each store is generally the monthly net profit of 2-4 million yuan, the normal monthly dividend, dividend distribution according to the proportion of shares.


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