Chicken is not thirsty lost fried chicken stall join details

to ask what good snacks to join the project can be recommended, Xiaobian chicken, fried chicken, now what the popular snack market, choose chicken not thirsty fried chicken stall lost snacks must be a good investment choice.

"chicken not thirsty" is Shanghai Jinyu Garden Food Catering Management Limited flagship brand, the company owns a number of mature operation of food brands, is a comprehensive professional chain catering development, hotel investment, management, service. The company with high quality products and good reputation was named Shanghai consumers trust the quality of the most reliable brand, the company in the development of various provinces and cities have hundreds of stores, the products sell well all over the country. Company uphold the principle of "enterprise, personal and social common development" purposes, to explore the western fast food standardization, industrialization road, will eventually "chicken thirsty loss" the completion of the project and the world Chinese successful Western fast food chain enterprises. To this end, in 2014 the headquarters will be for the provinces, cities Recruitment regional agents, franchisees, and more interested in the development of Western fast food business investors to share the success of entrepreneurial success.

chicken does not want to lose the fried chicken stall advantage:

venture advantage: chicken not thirsty fried chicken stall loss does not require you to join pay a franchise fee, does not require everyone with high level, it is to bring convenience to the policy, so that everyone in the opening process is accelerating.

operating advantages: the development of different modes of operation, to create a different level of operation, to give you maximum freedom of operation, so that we can operate freely join stores.

efficiency advantage: brand professional production equipment to create a fast meal model, to help you retain a large number of customer groups.

price advantage: it is a huge cost advantage, for everyone to reduce the price of the product, so that the sales of the product has been greater development, so that consumers enjoy preferential food products.

market advantage: the chicken does not lose the food stalls to create the perfect taste, to create professional products, provide perfect service.

chicken does not want to lose fried chicken stall join process:

assist in site selection and assessment: chicken fried chicken stall not thirsty lost headquarters to assist the investigation site assessment, site selection, store.

unified decoration and equipment: headquarters to provide store design drawings, send someone to supervise the nuclear, guidance, unified equipment, the two sides signed a contract for equipment purchase and sale.

unified training: set up shop, the establishment of 3–7 days or so business training; shop, open >

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