Analysis of the five major trends in e-commerce development

e-commerce development is extremely rapid, many entrepreneurs are concerned about. In recent years electronic commerce is facing a huge turning point: 1, Ma led the Department of Taobao, and Jingdong, shop No. 1, these products as the main form of real business; 2, with Ma Huateng as the leading Tencent, and the mission, the service to serve as the main form of business.

the first trend, mobile shopping. We know that at the end of last year, mobile phone users have reached five hundred million, while PC users is about 590 million, while the penetration rate of mobile phone penetration is much greater than PC. That is to say, in 2017, mobile phone users will exceed PC users, that is, the main battlefield of e-commerce in the future is not on the PC, but on mobile devices.

second trends, platform. We can see the big electricity providers are beginning to have their own platform, in fact, the reason is very clear, because this is the best use of their traffic, a process of goods and services to the maximum benefit of their own, because the platform can use the resources of the whole society and make up the richness of their products, increase the richness of their products the increase of their services and geographic coverage.

third trend, I believe that e-commerce penetration to the 345 line of the city. On the one hand from the penetration of mobile devices continues, many 345 line city access to the Internet through mobile phone, Pad to the Internet, and the first city to improve economic income, plus the local shopping inconvenience, coupled with poor product availability, plus retail lagged behind advanced countries.

Fourth trends, I think it is the Internet of things. You can imagine these wearable devices and the development of RFID, we imagine the future of the chip can be implanted inside the skin, can be implanted in the clothes inside, can be in any of the items inside, the state change of the status of any items other related items can cause.

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