Entrepreneurial failure lessons Shop ten thousand loss in January in the end why

this year after new year’s day, I would like to open a fast food restaurant. The location after a period of time, found a fast-food restaurant in a school gate to transfer, so quietly to the shop around launched a "reconnaissance", fast food restaurants are located in the gate of the school, there are hundreds of students in this school, next to a construction site, workers at there are hundreds of people. Therefore, a more optimistic attitude towards the future. Moreover, fast food restaurant license complete, such as their own re run, do these licenses are time-consuming and laborious, not as good as the transfer of a home. After several days of negotiations, although the store equipment up to two thousand or three thousand yuan, I also accept the transfer fee of more than 10000 yuan.

When I

the cruel reality, so I have to play the "back", and its long-term deficit down, than it was early, Zhang Sanzhou, I have made a "transfer" signs, after ten days, finally found a "customer" transfer to him, carefully considered, shop a month and the loss of ten thousand yuan.


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