Female entrepreneurs should be alert to these entrepreneurial crisis

is now in the community, there are many successful entrepreneurial women, they have become a strong woman. Who says rich men are men? Not long ago, ranked Hurun rich list 2006 new list of the first is actually a woman rich, while the list of female billionaires has reached up to 35. And most of these list of female billionaires are self-made entrepreneurs.

is being held in the "women’s development and participate in the Shanghai International Economic Forum, many experts sighed: a wealth of female era is coming. The Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences survey shows that 25% of the unemployed or divorced women entrepreneurs, experts call for the creation of a better family and social development environment for female entrepreneurs.

"business", for women is not only strange, many people have happiness within. In the United States, according to the latest survey, the income earner family of husband and wife is equal to or more than their husbands has accounted for nearly 45%. In the UK, according to a new survey, the number of women in some of the world’s richest women is close to or even more than men, so the British media issued a cry of surprise: lipstick is more than a long beard!

Analysis of

– that women in business is restless".

– some in the child, his wife do not want to give up the cause, the husband divorced.

– female entrepreneurship is the traditional gender roles of the challenge, the wife worth up times, pull big difference > with her husband.

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