26 entrepreneurial Nanjing talent plan freshly baked

2016, China is about to enter the thirteenth "Five Year Plan", a new round of construction and development programs have been released. Nanjing launched 26 "venture in Nanjing" talent plan, "13th Five-Year" during a customer business confidence.

"13th Five-Year" is about to open on the occasion, Nanjing launched 26 "venture in Nanjing" talent plan, proposed a package of policy measures in support of innovative entrepreneurial talent. After the launch of the Nanjing talent plan, the university has aroused strong concern, has become a hot word". For students who have a passion for entrepreneurship, with an upgraded version of the talent program, they are more confident in the business in Nanjing.

"the Nanjing city for college students venture funds to support efforts to further increase the" initial funding "increased from 100 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan, I believe that this initiative will help students more go down this road in the entrepreneurial firm." Kan Yilong said, compared with the overseas high-tech talent, research from the school had come from students, students may not have technical advantages, but they are willing to endure hardship, willing to study, in practice the process may produce more ideas, bring business and social value, contribute to the development of Nanjing.

"Nanjing city" in seven on the basis of entrepreneurship policy ", the introduction of 26 new talent, coincides with the" 12th Five-Year "ending," 13th Five-Year "start in the critical period of great significance."   Chinese Academy of Sciences, President of Nanjing University of Technology, Huang Wei believes that the new deal, precise positioning, tight recommendation

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