Employment poverty alleviation service Anhui action

in our life while some of the city’s economic development is good, but still some of the city’s economic development is lagging behind, so large positive increase employment in poor areas, is an important measure to improve economic conditions in poor areas. October 27th, Anhui in 2016, employment poverty alleviation service docking (Hefei · Lu’an) special recruitment will be held in Jinzhai.

if you see this message, but also the needs of this area, then quickly register it, a lot of high-quality enterprises waiting for you! The recruitment will be a collection of Hefei City, Lu’an City, Jinzhai County, 67 household units and provincial and municipal poverty alleviation employment base, Qiaqia food, GREE electric, MeiLing electric and other high-quality companies, providing a total of more than 6 thousand and 200 suitable for poor rural employment posts for the majority of job seekers. There are operators, assemblers, loaders, general workers, security guards, such as catering waiter for the rural poor workers and labor units of two-way choice.

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