Seize the pet economy – the whole will accomplish much

speaking of pets, which in the current is not strange, readily visible people with streets and lanes pet travel, and pet species is increasing, so that the pet economy market is more and more broad. In short, the family from the pet and derived from the pet economy is becoming a new economic term.

in developed countries, the pet industry means wealth. Only on the pet food market, in 2002, the world’s total pet food market will reach 17 million 500 thousand tons, equivalent to $36 billion 100 million. The United States has only $4 billion a year in pet insurance, with more than 30 thousand employees in Australia, and nearly $6% in gross domestic product.

in the pet industry rely on money and earn money for pet pet has already entered the mature period, China’s pet industry started relatively late, but in recent years the rapid development trend, the pet economy began to show infinite charm. According to a statistics show that last year, Shanghai only dogs have 20 thousand people, in addition to cats, birds, a tropical fish, now there are feeding lizards, Holland Zhenzhuxiong rats, the so-called "new generation". Pet. The number of pets around 100 million, the current market potential of the pet economy can reach at least $15 billion per year, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Wuhan have been linked to being known as the country’s largest pet city.

smart business early on the pet economy this big cake, the market all kinds of pet supplies endless. Many of the studio launched a pet photo service, expensive, but in order to beloved pets at daughter There are plenty of people who are. The most unusual is a so-called five star pet Holiday Inn, well-equipped.

exotic warm, pet decorated rooms and bathroom, toy room luxury decoration, everything. The owner of the hotel told reporters that he opened the pet Holiday Inn is designed to solve the pet owners holiday travel, pet unattended urgent need. He said the waiter every day will be scientifically on time for pet feeding, shower and toilet.

pet supplies high profits, generally more than 100%. As a small dog jacket, frequently offer is 180 yuan. At present, there are more than 200 kinds of pet accessories on the market, including toys, rope bag, health care, bed nest, bite bone and so on. Insiders said that only Shanghai, the annual turnover of the pet market to create up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

investment analysis:

rent a 20 square meters of shops, the annual rent to 30 thousand yuan, 20 thousand Yuan decoration, pet supplies purchase needs 20 thousand yuan a 30 thousand yuan, turnover 2 ~ 30 thousand yuan, plus a total of about 100000 yuan to do all kinds of licenses. < >

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