Entrepreneurs how to increase the price of rice farmers shop owner told you

There are many

US noodle shop, business is booming in the minority, and can continue to operate long-term, to obtain public recognition is not much, this small noodle shop continues to grow, the achievements of a farmer boss entrepreneurial dreams.

in Xi Zhen Chongqing Yubei dragon, has a facade inconspicuous forty square shop, named "Li meter".

in street row, eating many facade, Lee noodle appearance, shop layout are not outstanding. But a meal time, Li were waiting diners to bustling, the shop was packed, as well as some of the dignitaries who even have to drive from from all sides.

1992 years, Li Guangquan began selling rice noodles stall. At that time, with their own 90 yuan in hand, Li Guangquan in the streets of the Dragon Town propped up a table, and his wife, opened the sale of rice noodles.

however, such a small business in addition to family, what is not earn money. When Li Guangquan’s booth to do a certain degree of fame, he thought of opening a store, the rice noodle bigger.

since Li nanowires play out after the sign, Li Guangquan’s name was gradually replaced by "Li meter", now, people see he called "Li meter". Li vermicelli is very good at cooking, the knife is very good. Now he can in just 20 minutes to ten kilograms of pork liver slices, knowledgeable people know that this is very great.

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