Corn fast food processing has a good direction in the future

corn is everyone’s love of delicacy, it is good to eat coarse grains belonging to the human body body, so many people love to eat, in fact, the choice of business corn prospects of this industry is very good, the small will take you to see the instant corn processing which can bring good benefits, what.

1. is convenient to eat.

2. taste good.

3. rich in nutritional value.

corn is a nutrient rich food, is the world recognized "gold food", the content of fat, phosphorus, vitamin B2 in maize grains in the first. Due to the limitations of the past, the domestic corn deep processing of food has always been based on puffed food, such as puffed corn porridge. But the drawback is the biggest puffed food taste jerky, not easy to aging, not easy for people to eat. At the same time, corn contains a lot of nutrients are lost. This product uses the new technology to change the properties of the corn, making it easier to mature, taste more soft, while nutrients do not lose. In addition, it will be processed into edible rice, more suitable for Chinese people’s eating habits. Its current market price in Changchun about 8 yuan / kg, the daily sales of about tens of tons.

comprehensive production cost about 3.2 yuan / kg, the ex factory price of about 10 yuan / kg. Every kilograms of wool and grain about 6.8 yuan.

1. by investment tip: the production of instant rice processing technology of the corn speed of cooked rice process can easily add a variety of nutritional fortification substances. Changes in the past can only be added to the flour in the nutritional fortification of the material, can be mixed with other grains to make into a mixture of nutrients. Therefore, investors can also choose other families to make the crop is not easy to make fast cooked rice, for example, buckwheat, sorghum, mung bean, etc., to increase the profit point.

2. if investors have foreign trade channels, it is recommended that investors can increase production capacity, specifically for overseas markets.

3. if it is recommended corn

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