Tianjin venture block par Zhongguancun

"entrepreneurship" is a word, in recent years the relatively hot business situation of the Our wills unite like a fortress., opened in China at once. As a neighbor of Beijing, Tianjin also created a business district, not resigned to playing second fiddle, promote the development of economy.

yesterday morning, Tianjin venture block signing ceremony held in Nankai District. Nankai District will be in the South Ring knowledge economic innovation circle focus on building the "Tianjin business district" project construction has become a youth entrepreneurship and creative life double ecological entrepreneurial life as Zhongguancun Venture Street community. After the completion of the "Tianjin business district" will become the most representative of the city’s local entrepreneurship ecological community, innovation and entrepreneurship service high-end elements gathering area, the formation of regional professional entrepreneurs looking for people, money, technology, market, find find find, find the circle, as the Tianjin science and technology achievements and the new business incubator engine and industrial heights.

Tian Qiang

is the director of Nankai Science Park, Nankai District focus on building the Tianjin business district "refers to the" Ying Chi commune Youth Innovation "as the node of the easternmost road to university, Tianjin Institute of laser technology to research the northernmost West node, to 8358 for the scientific road the south node, along with the university road the research focus on the layout of road cross block all kinds of elements of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the carrier of building site construction using the entrepreneurial community college.

the signing of the project is Tianjin business district core area, district core area refers to the Tianjin Institute of laser technology, Nankai Technology Park CMC, Tianjin city business center, Tianjin manufacturing industry productivity promotion center as the main business incubator area. The core area of the construction area of about 38700 square meters, the main business district, in order to build the theme of public record space, University public record Union headquarters, innovation service center, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements accelerator, aerospace Photoelectric Industrial Park, leisure areas of life science and technology entrepreneurs, the headquarters gathered as the goal, to achieve entrepreneurial financing and venture exchange, business exhibition, entrepreneurship training, business incubation, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial life supporting integrated services as the main characteristics of service innovation and entrepreneurship community.

Tianjin entrepreneurial blocks will be built as a young man in Zhongguancun Venture Street entrepreneurship, creative life double eco integrated entrepreneurial community life." The person in charge of the project, Beijing Oriental Jiacheng Culture Industry Development Co., Ltd. vice president Sun Zheng said, "the project is currently being pre planning, is expected in July this year, will start construction next year, May began trial operation, and strive to September next year the park opened. The formation of Beijing, Tianjin and collaborative innovation and development center, boost regional economic development."

on the road of entrepreneurship, we have their own dreams, ready to make their own business is booming. But we still need to proceed from the reality, down to earth every step, in order to make the dream closer to reality.

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