What are the key competencies of College Students’ entrepreneurial success

now college students to entrepreneurship has become a social phenomenon of normalization, at the same time in the process of entrepreneurship, to grasp the ability of several major aspects, the key point is actually the process of entrepreneurship, the ability of dealing with people.

Zhu Xiaochen of Huaihai Institute of Techology of mechanical manufacturing and automation professional, his entrepreneurial direction is to open a clothing store brand marketing. The 22 year old boy admitted that many of his previous alumni college graduate, founder of the company are not their major, after hard work were successful, so I want to use them as an example. In the choice of entrepreneurial surveyed college students, there are more than 40% hope to find their own areas of interest of independent entrepreneurship, some college students choose to combine with their own professional field, some college students are willing to choose a little money, the risk is relatively low in the venture industry. In the choice of business partners, college students are more willing to choose some experience, like-minded young people together to start a business. The problem of entrepreneurship capital: it is understood that the college students choose entrepreneurship first encountered the "stumbling block", is difficult to raise funds. These will be out of school students, because they do not have much savings, apply for loans and often lack of guarantor, it is difficult to get enough start-up funds.

"although parents can support a little, but still not enough." Some students think, now set up a project requires tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan, not enough money to start, then a good project can only be wasted; besides the market are often changing, once missed, is difficult to have the opportunity. Jiangsu University, Wu Lixin hopes to set up a home design company, has begun to raise funds, but the estimate is not a big gap. He hoped that the government to give relevant policy support, the opening of the green channel for college students venture.

key business: in the investigation of communicative competence, college students think the key entrepreneurial success, must have good communication skill. Starting a business means to cooperate with others, to communicate with the society, and the competition is very fierce. It is very important to establish a good interpersonal relationship. Previously, many college students are mainly in the scope of the activities of the school, and social communication channels recommended

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