WeChat circle of friends advertising anniversary

now your circle of friends or a simple circle of friends WeChat do? This is no longer a simple friendship exchange place, have become friends advertising platform, WeChat advertising circle of friends from the beginning to the present popular bursting commonplace, the reason I am sure we all understand.


brand advertising model logic is very simple, advertising will match with its own brand of media, to realize their own brand premium, which is the main reason for manufacturers had CCTV "s", more representative for luxury brands choose big fashion magazines as a key delivery platform, through the platform "blessing" to maintain and improve the degree of brand. This requires that the advertising platform should not only have more audiences, but also affect the most people want to affect the enterprise, that is, the advertising platform requires more accurate target audience.

and although WeChat while holding a massive user, but if the user from the "screening" the target user group, but must cooperate in big data and this leads to another topic: to achieve accurate delivery of real WeChat big data can.

and the essence of big data is not in the data collection of users and more widely, in the single user acquisition "". This means that if only the above three dimensions is difficult to completely define the user’s real purchasing preferences and purchasing power. This simple three recommended

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