Returnees to tell you scientific research is difficult

China entrepreneurial golden age coming, coupled with the guidance of the policy, a lot of returnees ready to return to business, naturally let other entrepreneurs are very envious. But they have their own problems.

returnees talent

of the returnees talent, the key points of entrepreneurship in? In the existing personnel policy system, which practices used in the blade, and what are the difficulties to be solved? How to make good use of government policies and financial support, so that cutting-edge research and technology, the turtle can the advantage of landing, rooted in Shenzhen, at ease entrepreneurship? The reporter has interviewed a number of top technology start-ups, including selected enterprises founder of central people plan entrepreneurship and Shenzhen overseas high-level talents identified, expect these suggestions of Shenzhen after the introduction of overseas students must learn entrepreneurship.

1. home business three: to find people, find the money, looking for policy

"returnees entrepreneurs have six months to study for one year, everywhere choose the place to see dazzling"

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