Meizhou launched 0 yuan business electricity supplier project

with the development of the electricity supplier to grow, many small entrepreneurs began to start from scratch, to join the electricity supplier industry. Meizhou launched a unique 0 yuan electricity supplier entrepreneurial base for small electricity providers who provide free training base.

in the Middle District of Meijiang River Road, a straight two floor of the store "in Hong Kong Mei e-commerce incubator door neatly in a row and moped, parked in the car shop around before the sharp contrast. Here, is a group of "Mei GUI" youth entrepreneurship harbor. With the help of e-commerce incubation center in Hong Kong, 0 yuan entrepreneurship project to start or start again in his hometown venture.

active in the introduction of Meijiang district government, Jieyang Chen shows and cooperation team in March this year officially registered in Meizhou Mei e-commerce incubator Port Co. ltd.. Enterprise office site is a typical open style Internet companies, the theme of the jump tone, with a transparent French windows, round table office environment. After 80 young Zhou Fangcheng here has an office space, busy when dealing with orders, idle with entrepreneurs who exchange electricity supplier operating experience. He is the first batch of entrepreneurial class graduating students, is the first to accept the incubator entrepreneurs, but also an industry star. Double eleven on the same day, his Tmall store sales over 10 thousand yuan. Shop 5 months, the monthly turnover has exceeded $60 thousand, net profit of about ten thousand yuan. How to achieve such a result in a short time? The most critical is’ Mei ‘step to solve the rent, technology and supply chain issues, they do not invest." Zhou Fangcheng told reporters that he is 0 yuan venture beneficiaries.

"port incubators provide office space network, free storage, entrepreneurship training and different stages of technical training, to provide low-cost logistics express, even packing staff provided by us." The general manager Chen foot to see that aspiring entrepreneurs need registration, training system and then decide the direction of e-commerce, start the business plan, and the "Mei" business team will provide a range of services, including data analysis, team management, technology promotion, copyright maintenance guide. Zhou Fangcheng is to see the team to provide large data analysis, decided to give up the idea of running local products, switch to a larger profit margins tea and accessories products.

"in addition to capital and technology, find the entrepreneurial supply chain to start is also crucial." Chen Yue told reporters that, for this reason, hatch port to provide students with their own mortgage operations, market testing products, eliminating the traditional shop test market capital investment, to avoid the occurrence of false procurement. Reporters learned from the venture group, only this service will be able to save the operating costs of Jovan yuan. Currently, the Chinese e-commerce incubation center in Hong Kong is the provincial authorities to apply for 0 yuan to support entrepreneurship project, plans to invest 30 million yuan in the past 3 years, to train the electricity supplier to achieve employment of 10 thousand employees. It is understood that the first batch and the first batch of 39 students in the form of a group of the creation of a new network of 16, the employment rate recommended

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