Party members and cadres can not be more than four bottom line, can not step on

doing things is a bottom line, establish the correct values and outlook on life, to live a wonderful life, promote the harmonious development of society. Recently, four party members and cadres of the bottom line, let us take a look at it!

bottom line is the dividing line between things, doing things change warning line, do not step on, but not more. Party members and cadres must firmly establish the bottom line consciousness, always bear in mind the consequences of crossing the bottom line, always alert themselves to adhere to the bottom line.

, a legal bottom line

law reflect the will of the state, all the citizens of People’s Republic of China is the bottom line, the bottom line of the party members and cadres. Law is the unity of the party’s views and reflect the will of the people, the Party led the people to develop the constitution law, the law enforcement of the Constitution Party led the people, the party itself must be in the context of constitutional law, which is a manifestation of the leadership of the party. The party and the law, the party’s leadership and the rule of law. We are going to carry out the rule of constitution in accordance with the constitution of People’s Republic of China.

2015 in February 2nd the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, Xi Jinping to study and implement the spirit of advancing the rule of law emphasizes the opening ceremony of Symposium on leading cadres at provincial and ministerial level leading cadres to keep in mind: "the legal red line, impassable laws do not touch the bottom line, take the lead in abide by the law and enforce the law, take the lead in building according to the law, failing to find a method to solve the problem of usage, resolve conflicts by law environmental. Planning to use the rule of law thinking, to deal with the problem to use the rule of law, talk about things to consider whether it is legal."

to exercise the power under the law. Each party and government organizations, each leading cadres must obey and comply with constitutional law, not the power as a shield to personal statement on behalf of the law and the right pressure method, the. To strengthen the rule of law and the ability to act in accordance with the law, the rule of law and the rule of man to abandon consciousness, to do things according to the law, failing to find a law to solve the problem of usage, resolve conflicts by law. To always adhere to the statutory duties must be, the law can not be authorized, remember the legal red line insurmountable, the bottom line of the law can not touch.

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