Open the door to open the door to the sweet honey sweet fortune

honey this kind of food in many people’s minds is what kind of product? Is it a dessert or a health food? In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, people’s awareness of health care products is also getting higher and higher. Honey as a kind of health care products, has been more and more various age levels of consumer groups favor, Nanchang city streets and lanes has found some honey shop.

it is understood that the Nanchang City honey shop is divided into two categories: one is the processing of honey (after processing honey) stores; is a kind of natural ripe honey (after the biotransformation of cooked honey) stores, which to operate after a class. How much money do you need to open a honey shop? Reporter visited a few honey shop.

outstanding features create brand

Yan Chun Park honey shop is located in near the stadium, the decoration of the shop is quite exquisite, counter made of wood, reveals the rich antique flavor. Osmanthus honey, medlar honey, Yang Huaimi, filled with all kinds of milk vetch honey honey counter.

shop owner named Wei Yonghua, who in 80s began operating Honey Shop, the store opened in the capital of the courtyard, 1998 before the store moved here. According to Wei Yonghua introduction, the need to open the honey shop investment is not great. Nobuharu park has 4 outlets, here is the headquarters, covers an area of about 40 square meters, the store monthly rent of about 2000 yuan, in the peer is higher, also invested 30 thousand yuan renovation. Honey shop open most of the inputs are in the supply, about a year to 100 thousand yuan TunJi honey.

Wei Yonghua said, Yan Chun Park a day on average turnover of more than 700 yuan, remove every small expenditure of about 140 yuan, gross profit is about 35%, if the operation is reasonable, the net profit of up to 30%. Every year in October to the Spring Festival is the golden age of honey shop, the time period of the day turnover of up to thousands of dollars.

took 1.5 hours in Yan Chun Park, the reporter saw the consumers buy honey for the elderly. Why is this? Wei Yonghua said that the time is getting into middle age, how many there will be some symptoms of the body. Middle aged and older people pay special attention to the maintenance of the body, honey as a health care products, favored by them. However, the recognition of the effectiveness of the cycle of the customer is relatively long, in order to reduce costs, honey shop or open in residential areas more cost-effective.

Wei Yonghua believes that if you want to store honey bigger and stronger, we will need to highlight the characteristics of their own, he said his shop has always insisted on the distribution of natural ripe honey, because natural ripe honey honey than processing more nutrition, taste better, easy to have more consumers. Now, the natural maturity of honey in the market has become increasingly high awareness, he wants to seize this time to create their own brand.

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