How to promote the Tibetan people’s livelihood project in Sichuan

China is a big family composed of 56 ethnic groups, although the Han nationality as the main body, but the economic development of ethnic minorities, the rise of the Chinese nation, but also played an invaluable role. So, in the face of ethnic minority areas in Sichuan people’s livelihood projects, what measures to take positive development?

this year, according to the provincial government work plan, in accordance with the requirements of "2016 forestry development of the Tibetan people’s livelihood projects", Sichuan actively strengthen the departments of key projects and livelihood projects, services, and more initiatives to promote all-round development of the Tibetan people’s livelihood project: scientific planning in forestry projects, accelerate the construction of key projects of forestry. Give priority to key projects of land use, the coordination of key projects into the ecological sensitive areas of approval, strengthen the key projects of forestry related matters pre service, open up forestry key project approval Easy Access, establish a rapid response and on train communication mechanism.

up to now, has been the implementation of the Tibetan people’s livelihood project funds 1 billion 247 million 190 thousand yuan, the central government invested 1 billion 135 million 490 thousand yuan, the provincial invested 111 million 700 thousand yuan to complete the 2016 Tibetan forestry livelihood project objectives and tasks, the country is in an orderly manner to key projects such as Tianbao, the allocation of funds and cash subsidies.

Tibetan forestry livelihood projects completed, inseparable from the local government and local people work together to build a better home! The Tibetan people’s livelihood in Sichuan to promote the project, and actively take relevant measures, I hope in the future we can see a new tibetan.

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