NPC and CPPCC house entrepreneurship may wish to prepare fully before action

although many of the policies in support of college students entrepreneurship, but the objective problems need to be treated objectively, the risk is not ready to start a business is great, therefore, college students may wish to prepare the first force.

The four meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress,

Jingping Zan users;

hand was increased year by year college graduates, on the other hand is the economy is facing downward pressure, after graduation, should decide on what path to follow? Entrepreneurship is one of the options. Entrepreneurship can not only solve the problem of self employment, but also promote social employment.

policy, since last year, the State Council launched a series of initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. The registered capital of the registration system reform, cancel and adjust again more than 200 administrative approval and other matters, the Small and micro businesses targeted RRR cuts set up 40 billion yuan, to guide the emerging industry venture fund, to support the development of public record space"…… These favorable policies also stimulate the entrepreneurial innovation power of society.

don’t venture into the minefield of college students

users; Xiao

"entrepreneurship" is a word of 90 after it is already no stranger. In recent years, in the increasingly fierce competition for jobs, there are a lot of people resolutely put entrepreneurship arms, some of them are a hot head, some are complacent.

Before the

business, must be considered

I recommend using

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