Students need to pay attention to the early stage of entrepreneurship

for students who need to grasp, a direction in the whole process of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is the need to have a good judgment in the early stage for students who have a green hand, a lot of problems that need attention.

money need wisdom and vision! If you make a mistake in the beginning of the choice, no matter how much effort is wasted, the harder the more far away from the target, or even into a painful struggle, the deeper the deeper the struggle!

Chinese saying: women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, afraid of the wrong man! In the money wealth on the road, there are two important points: choice and effort! Which is more important? The answer is that all two are important! Just one after the first! First, we must work hard in the choice! Experienced businessmen will agree with this truth! Just a lot of people, when understand this truth, has paid a heavy price!

three. To a large profit space. Profit margins are not large, gross margin is too thin, it is difficult to make money! Well, hard to do for a year, at the end of one, not only money but also with artificial.

four. The trend of obvious characteristics. Grasp the trend, to catch up with the trend of foot on the step, as soon as possible, making money is not good, the development of the market the cost is too high; later, the money has been earned away by others! And will be more and more bad, more and more compensate!

five. Revenue continued security. See the immediate interests of the short frequency fast project is difficult for a person to make money! A good thing to make money is a real income, easy year after year, more than a year to earn!

six business model is better. Rely on the system to make money, make money to have routines! Rely on the individual’s brute force fighting and random toss, it is difficult to produce results! Business model is directly related to the quality of the recommendation

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