How to join the blue brand candied fruit

One of the girls favorite snacks as

preserves, the now is really selling snacks brand, because a lot of people are not enough snacks in the best of health or not eat as well, but different people with the help of candied fruit, at the same time, but also enjoy the delicacy. Hangzhou famous food industry Co., ltd.. Hua Weiheng was founded in 1992, is a traditional processing enterprises, after ten years of hard work, the company has grown, has advanced detection equipment.

company production of "huaweiheng" brand candied green, pollution-free green plum, peach and other fruits as raw materials. Adhering to the "high-quality, new products, a commitment to quality, taste flavor selection, many bags standard, do not choose not to vote, unqualified factory", to ensure all products must meet the standards in the "color, flavor and taste, shape, exquisite workmanship and unique, to maintain the original flavor in fruit, become an independent school. In the industry, favored by consumers.

join process:

1, join consulting

please call huaweiheng headquarters to understand the detailed process to join policy.

2, the two sides intention to communicate

understand huaweiheng agent the conditions required for the process, judgment, audit, whether or not you join or agency for huaweiheng process related projects, this is a mutual selection process.

3, submitted to join the application

to read and fill in the "application form" to join huaweiheng process, submit application to join the shop.

4, contract signed

has joined the formal qualifications, and signed a contract to join the regional huaweiheng process and pay the relevant fees.

5, Dianzhi evaluation

to join to selected locations for guidance to evaluation, greatly help franchisees correct choice for shop premises.

6, unified design decoration

huaweiheng of stores design and cost estimate in accordance with the unified image of the store, the two sides identified by the third party construction team, construction team construction completed by the third party.

7, system training

in order to join the business will be better shop opened fire, the company will send the Commissioner to join the business and staff training, including sales skills

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