Tangshan World Horticultural Exposition will be held in Tangshan the new to show to the world

40 years ago, the Tangshan earthquake, so many wives scattered ions, so many people separated from the flesh and blood. Beautiful home, in a natural disaster in front of all destroyed. However, 40 years later, under the help of the national policy of Tangshan, in their indomitable perseverance of the hard work, the Tangshan new born with different angles to show the world.

2016 World Horticultural Exposition World Horticultural Exposition in Hebei, Tangshan City grand opening. The World Horticultural Exposition period from April 29, 2016 to October 16th, a total of 171 days, there will be more than and 50 participating countries and regions, visitors are expected to more than 10 million people.

coincides with the 40 anniversary of the Tangshan earthquake. In 40 years, people with a firm and indomitable spirit, from the earthquake took only 10 years to complete the restoration, and after 10 years of development, has created an economic miracle in 10 years of rapid development. However, the development of industry has also brought about the inevitable pollution problem in Tangshan.

2007, Tangshan is determined to change the urban and rural areas, the construction of ecological civilization city, and puts forward the idea of the bid for World Horticultural Exposition. After ten years, the ecological environment, known as the "steel city" "coal" in Tangshan to accelerate the transformation of resource-based city of Nirvana, which is also the World Horticultural Exposition city and nature? Phoenix "theme.

World Horticultural Exposition venue where the lake area was formed a hundred years of coal mining subsidence area of Kailuan Group, due to historical reasons, the garbage Chengshan, sewage crosscurrent. In ten years, after a series of efforts, the former coal mining subsidence area become dirty wild trees, the Lake City Central Ecological Park a wide expanse of mist-covered waters.

2010 in October, "Tangshan coal mining induced subsidence area ecological governance" project as the only case in Hebei province "city best practice area", exhibited in Shanghai of World Expo, provide a reference sample for the ecological restoration of the world, has also become a powerful guarantee of Tangshan’s bid for World Horticultural Exposition. "Tangshan is a special historical background and wonderful city story, let the World Horticultural Exposition burst out a unique cohesion and appeal." Executive Committee official said in an interview with reporters.

During the

Tangshan World Horticultural Exposition, visitors can feel the landscape gardening in different countries and regions, will also be economic, cultural and technological exchanges with them. In addition to the content to achieve "wonderful", the world park will be the venue of the World Horticultural Exposition battle broke out.

Tangshan will establish a "build a never-ending World Park event" of the concept of sustainable development, the site of all venues, exhibition hall, all in accordance with the concept of "planning and construction period of exhibition, after the operation, are multifunctional and permanent building, not only to give the world a wonderful and profound" in Tangshan impression ", also recommended

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